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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  February 10, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> at 4:30 a man has been ordered to stand trial. william lynch, leaving the preliminary hearing allegedly attacked and beat a 65 year-old gerald lavender. father " to jerry is a member of the jesuit center in los gatos. that is for police say that william lynch also cut him. he was a bent on revenge because the father had allegedly sexually abused he and his brother. and they say that the wrong man is on trial and the judge had an error by not allowing gerry to
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testify. >> and have the wrong person. which is more ironic? and we plan on putting him on the stand. i do not think that the prosecution has the guts to put him on the stand. once rule that there's no way that their trial, that they can proceed without him on the stand. >> and with part of this bias and personal interest. i do not think there is anything to keep this out. this history is of vital to understanding who he is as a witness. clearly, to put him on the needs on statutory charges. this coward that is retreated into his church sponsored anonymity. we are going to put an end to that. >> william lynch settled in 1998 with the catholic church. the father was never charged. lynch is out
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on bail and will return to court every 20 seconds >> and ac transit bus shooting last nigh pre10:00 a.m a bus passenger was inside with shattered glass. somebody was shooting at the vehicle. and ac transit spokesperson said that a group of teens cut on the bus, and then cut off the bus and then the shots were fired. after the one team boarded the bus, then-got off the bus. >> budget problems are pulling to consider new taxes. and a survey of 900 people last month. residents still favor cuts in employee compensation over reducing city services some are warming up to the idea of new tax measures. this city council as yet to make a
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move. and san jose is facing a one of our 10 in the dollar shortfall budget. $ 110 billion dollar budget shortfall. >> jerry brown with a $25.4 billion budget deficit. and his proposal of mix spending cuts and temporary tax hikes. he wants a special election in june. asking the voters to extend tax cuts by five years. however, gop votes are needed and you will not rule out cutting a deal with republicans over this controversial issue of reforming tax state. >> today, the future of four different athletic berkeley programs but that never came. and >> i've been to parts of berkeley that i'd never been before today. here is what
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we have got. we are four different athletic programs that were going to be cut completely at the end of this year. one, rugby was going to use their bars the injustice of a " club " status. they needed $25 million to extend it for six years. they have $50 million and turned in their pledges. and the announcement was supposed to come today when they turned in their-15 million instead of the 25 million. with lacrosse, and i can tell you. they are still counting the money and making a decision on how long they're going to go on. there was a report of a comcast that all five sports for going to be saved. i check-in with officials and that is not true. this is still ongoing. with conflict in reports but the programs have to go as
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business as usual. >> and right now they're still going so that is good? >> absolutely! the coaches are ccautiously optimistic for >> i think the entire community cuffed behind us. everything that we need is here. the committee--cut behind us. >> if it is about the money? we will get the money. and i do not know what other people's feelings are. and financially, it does not make sense to me because we do not cost as much as other programs do. >> no decision was made today. perhaps tomorrow? were not. we're all in a holding pattern. or not. >> and even people in stamford were getting financial support? >> yes, several areas of the
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community. and other athletes have transferred. with the current athletes where they're going to play is not known? >> thank you, vern glenn. a san francisco residents talk about the qualities they want to see and a new police chief. the special police meeting tonight. the replacement for former police chief gascone he is now the district attorney. and hopefully andlee will have three candidates by mid-march. 6:00 new- paragraph and will be having a live coverage. a look-will have live coverage. things are looking good through saturday but clouds are moving in on a sunday. look at monday! it looks like it
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is going to carry through the next week. >> in national news it was a bombshell. the sudden resignation of the new york congressman, chris lee and catherine? >> yes, this happened so suddenly! the second republican congressman second-term republican congressman. the photographs surfaced that he was showing himself to a woman that the met on craigslist. he took this picture. and with flirtatious e-mails also with this. a 34 year-old woman from a maryland got this photo and gave this to website " gawker' and john boehner says that he thinks he did the right decision.
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and he thinks that it was and is best interests of his family. >> what john boehner is not talking about is that been a red and warned him about his past behavior. and john boehner warned lee about parting with female lobbyists. and they are still refusing to comment. >> and for the woman who got that photograph schumanns to remain anonymous bush had a comment? >> yes, she wanted to remain aand she has recommended that the wife cat " tested " and the wife-get tested that he is probably been with other women on the craigslist. >> the other republican senator john kyl, the g zero senatyle, the whip.
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>> there is a time for everything and if this is time for me to and service to the public and shinnery 2013. >> the fifth congress- jan 2013. hutcheson, and lieberman are also not going to be continuing their terms. >> the republican off gabrielle giffords. if you recall she was shot and ahead of last month in arizona is getting six hours of therapy daily. and she is speaking and she said to her husband that she supports her husband to go to the shuttle in april. and still it is not known if she is
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under complete understanding that she was shot for >> north on, both looking good a bit heavy.
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perhaps we are hollywood north. and maureen kelly has information about the three big productions around town. >> if you thought moviemaking was glamorous take a look! the 800 block has been strewn with old clothes and garbage. an action thriller called contagious with jude law withoand the neighbors checked of the activity. >> oh my gosh! it made it look like the end of the world is spooky but i'm going to take some pictures. i did not see any movie stars. >> they are cleaning up this location but will be shooting a round town until
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february 16th. one of three films in san francisco. here this street was taken over by a film crew called " alcatraz. nicole kidman are expected to be seen around town with an hbo will be about ernest hemingway. will begin shooting this month. through the month of may. good news for local production crews. >> we need the work. it is good for the economy and everybody will be happy. >> the city is happy and the san francisco film commission is expected to spend $21 million items. renting a equipment. >> maureen kelly. >> of richmond wants to extend prepares for that sinkhole that collapsed last april. and the city council has directed engineers this month, next month about san pablo creek restoration. among the
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ideas is a plan to abandon the the road and turn this into a channel. the same goal is 40 x 120 x 30 test- cycle.--sinkhole and this was blamed on a structural failure. traffic is moving well in both north and south. we will be back.
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(music) them off with mild temperatures out there right now. your 7 day around the bay forecast, it could be 30 degrees in some locations but warm up to 68. on saturday, also warmer. senate, those clouds are starting. monday, tuesday
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through thursday rainfall. sunday-best those cars move in. >> and this will cobi-wachovia bank this just ended. nearly one hour ago. west of raleigh, north carolina and hostages. they are all okay. officers shot the robber when they tried to leave with a woman. he had a gun held to her head. >> also, this video out of houston. and the woman that made that released to the public. >> and this of said a lot of people. it shows the police of houston kicking, punching a teenager during a burglary arrest. one year
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ago. last march. this was just released last week. we heard about this that self- storage happened and she decided to release this video. she wanted people ever were to see it. she said she cannot believe the cruelty. cindy peyton is been fired and she paid a very high price. >> it has turned my life around. it is really turned my life around. i lost my job. i lost my job. i lost my housing. >> very difficult, the divorced mother where she had difficulty putting food on the table. >> and she is sure that she did the right thing? >> yes. she said he would not do this to an animal in she was flabbergasted by the beating. now the are calling for a federal investigation. she fills the air to on the right thing.
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>> may seem early for presidential contenders to declare their contingency- presidency. then and now? in a fair return, 20 07 a bitter cold day. springfield, illinois. cabinet, barack obama put his hat into the ring. with an already crowded field of presidential contenders. >> i stand in front of you to announce my candidacy. >> 2012 race seems to be moving at a comparatively sluggish race. democrats have their man, and republicans are beginning to jockey for positions at the annual conservative action conference in washington. >> we will continue. >> only one noncandidate. - only one candid it is known
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and congress woman michele bachman. >> holding on to the house of representatives and a conservative seventh and yes, baby. winning the white house in 2012. (cheers & applause) the poll found that who they found was favored? how to be is of the top of the list. 21 percent tariff huckabee, sara palin and newt gingrich >> and the white house has been that some of wrong items it is so dangerous. >> sarah palin was not there for she could still win the weekend poll. in washington, kron 4 news. >> thursday traffic quite sluggish. how we 1 0 1 towards the peninsula. the
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top is barely moving. and how we 1 0 1 it is towards the peninsula at the bottom of your screen.
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>> the bus, kelsey grammar it has been granted a divorce. he can read very! they will settle financials leader. camille grammar their shared property may be worth $20 million. with the royal bride to be keat middleton, a summer wedding advice from a camilla. got some what in the device. the london hotel and met for lunch. lindsay lohan could be looking for a plea bargain. and she is willing to plead guilty to make the case go away that she does
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not have to spend time behind bars. sources say there is a bad part because they want to go time. >> to look a traffic in walnut creek. headlights = north. 680-240. kron 4 news at 4:00 new-paragraph 5:00 new-paragraph is coming up next
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. at 5:00 p.m. >> a shocking crime a seven year-old necessity was attacked and sexually assaulted at a place that he thought was safe. the seven year-old is saying that he was sexually assaulted at the boys and girls club in oakland. >> it happened the rest room with the boys and girls club and international boulevard the sixth in oakland. christine connolly, live. the sixth-oakland.


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